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Cidade Financeira

To Sell: Starting from AOA 336 200 000
To Rent: Starting from AOA 730 000
We present the Cidade Financeira condominium, the Talatona and Downtown Luanda reference business center. It is a project that incorporates well-known firms and benefits from a wide range of amenities, including shopping malls, high-quality restaurants, educational institutions, and hotels. If you choose to join the Cidade Financeira condominium, you'll be a part of an ecosystem that comprises leading financial institutions, consultancies, and other public and private organisations. Maintenance, hygiene and safety services are provided at the highest level in conjunction with modern common areas and leisure facilities with a central square for your convenience, as well as a floating garden. The construction was completed in 2014, with a total net area of 93,000 m2 and an implantation area of 25,000 m2. Four of the condominium's five buildings are used for office space, while the fifth is a residential unit. The structures include six floors above ground and two levels below ground allocated as parking spaces. One can find common areas, terraces, and floating gardens on the ground floor. The condominium's design and construction favour comfort and flexibility, with one, two, and three-bedroom flats, open office spaces that may accommodate a variety of businesses and both private and public parking. The financial sector, consulting firms, public institutions, and marketing and advertising agencies are currently the most common companies in the office space. Costa Lopes Arquitectos and Mota-Engil Angola are two of the most renowned architectural and construction firms in Angola, respectively. Their work on the Cidade Financeira condominium promises high-quality construction and long-term property value preservation. The combination of these elements makes this condominium a good investment opportunity.


  • T1, T2 and T3
  • Office Spaces
  • Shops

Residências de Talatona

To Sell: Starting from AOA 100 100 000
The Residências de Talatona condominium is a housing complex located in Luanda's Talatona district. It stands out for its easy access to various equipment and services, such as clinics, shopping malls, schools, pharmacies, banks, and cinemas, and is located near the Talatona Shopping Mall and the Zenith Towers offices. It consists of 22 buildings and 136 apartments totaling 28,000 m2 divided into two-bedroom (84.10 m2), two-bedroom with terrace (112.49 m2), and three-bedroom (117.70 m2) apartments. The low-rise architecture, the harmony of the shared green spaces, and the sports and leisure facilities, such as adult and children's pools and multi-sports fields, allow you to enjoy a peaceful and private environment just a stone's throw from Luanda's most modern office centers. This condominium was constructed by the Soares da Costa construction company, a benchmark for international quality. The Residências de Talatona condominium has an excellent price-quality ratio, and its configuration allows for the combination of several units to create superior-sized residences.


  • 28.000 m²
  • T2, T2 W/ Terrace, T3
  • Parking

Zenith Towers

To Sell: Starting from AOA 1 230 100 000
To Rent: Starting from AOA 8 910 000
The Zenith Towers condominium is a landmark of sophistication and quality in Talatona, an area with modern projects and close proximity to offices, services, and commercial spaces. In Talatona, you can enjoy peace and quiet while still having access to a variety of services such as shops, banks, pharmacies, clinics, shopping centers, schools, and supermarkets, among others. The first phase of the Zenith Towers project, completed in 2015, resulted in the construction of two buildings for offices and commerce and the construction of two more buildings for housing is planned for the future. This condominium stands out for the quality of construction, comfort and security, with 24-hour surveillance and two floors of private parking. It also has a lot of landscaped spaces around the buildings and a distinct setting with suspended gardens on top of the semi-open parking lots. The open space offices have generous areas, and the modern architecture allows for various configurations, with one to four companies per floor and independent sanitary installations. Enjoy an office with a breathtaking view of Talatona, located in a prime area of Luanda Sul, a neighbourhood undergoing continuous urban development and brimming with services and commerce, the ideal space for your business.


  • 25.000 m² Lot
  • 93.000 m² Building
  • Office Spaces